Our 7 Favourite Bottles for Gifting


It’s the holiday season which means you have parties to attend and gifts to buy. A bottle of wine or a spirit is an endlessly versatile gift, always appreciated, and typically put to good use.

Perhaps you already have a few go-to favourites: a nice California cabernet for the host of the holiday dinner, an aperitif to kick off your cocktail party, or a nice bottle of single malt to add to your boss’ spirit cabinet.

But if you’re looking for something new or a little extra special, we have a few featured bottles that make for great gifts.

  • For the bubbly lover…

    Romeo & Juliet Prosecco

    • $17.55 for Juliet
    • $17.30 for Romeo

    Two beautiful Proseccos named after Verona’s star-crossed lovers, these D.O.C. wines come at a modest price point.

    The Juliet is a delightful prosecco rosé showcasing aromas and flavours of red cherry, raspberry, passion fruit, and white flower. The medium-bodied and flavourful palate makes way for a crisp, clean finish. Pair with watermelon and feta salad or enjoy it before dinner.

    The Romeo is a white made from Veneto-grown glera grapes, with a fine effervescence and a rich scent of apple, lemon, grapefruit, and fresh-cut flowers. Fresh and full-bodied, it works for any occasion, pairing especially well with soft cheeses or fruit-topped cheesecake.

  • For the holiday host…

    Remo Farina Amarone della Valpolicella & Valpolicella Ripasso 2020 Set

    $84.95 (2 bottles)

    Arguably the best price you will find for two wines of this calibre. Both are versatile and robust enough to stand up to rich holiday foods.

    “Ripasso” refers to a wine that is fermented twice, once after harvest in the autumn and once in January. The grapes are first dried to concentrate their sugars, and then distilled to introduce greater structure and personality. This Ripasso is an exceptionally popular one, with notes of cherry, licorice, and ground pepper.

    The Amarone is known for its bold and complex flavour profile, with notes of dried dark fruit, along with hints of spice, tobacco, and chocolate.

  • For the after-dinner sipper…

    Poli Cleopatra


    The legend goes that in Ancient Egypt, the alchemist Cleopatra created the first still aimed at creating gold. She called it “Crysopea” from the Greek word for gold, chrysos, and poirò, to make. Following years of research, the 125-year-old distillery at Poli created a new Crysopea, an innovative bain marie vacuum to create its Moscato Oro grappa.

    According to its makers, this grappa is “delicate and caressing like a silk scarf.” It has an aroma of orange lime, grapefruit, with additional notes of cumin and caraway seed. It’s bold and fruity, yet spicy, with an elegant finish. Plus, its beautifully designed bottle makes it a standout in any collection.

  • For the wine connoisseur…

    Poli Grappa di Sassicaia


    Sassicaia is one of Italy’s most iconic wine estates, a name that almost single-handedly elevated Tuscany to the ranks of the great old world winemaking regions. But Sassicaia wines are often expensive and rare.

    Poli partnered with Sassicaia to create a spirit from the marc (the pressed grapes) of their legendary vintages. This superb grappa has inviting aromas and flavours of sweet oak, vanilla, coffee, spice, and anise; bold, fruity, and harmonious with a long, warm finish.

    If you’re looking for a change of pace from, say, a fine cognac, this is it. It’s also available as a gift set, which comes with two hand-blown crystal glasses and an elegant wood box.

  • For your friend who’s into tequila…

    Grand Mayan Extra Anejo Tequila


    Tequila has exploded in popularity in recent years, with thousands of brands hitting the market including dozens released by celebrities. Grand Mayan is one of the most trusted names in tequila, producing from the same family-owned distillery in Jalisco that has operated since 1942.

    This extra-aged tequila is one of their premium offerings. It comes in a ceramic bottle, hand-painted by local Mexican artists. The tequila made in the traditional method from 100% blue weber agave and aged a minimum of four years in bourbon barrels. It offers notes of oak, hazelnut, caramel, dark chocolate, and citrus; medium bodied and spicy, with a long-lasting finish. You’ll want to break out your cognac snifters, no shot glasses for this one.

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