Juliet Prosecco


This summer, we at Majestic Wines were thrilled to be involved with the theatre production of & Juliet, a pop-modern take on the classic story of Romeo & Juliet.

Written by David West Read, writer and executive producer for the acclaimed TV show Schitt’s Creek, the musical was a re-imagining of Shakespeare’s work with one key plot difference, suggested in the play by Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway: What if Juliet didn’t kill herself?

The story of & Juliet begins from there.

Majestic Wines provided a vintage Italian car and a custom-branded Vespa for the show which appeared in the lobby of the performance.

The bar also served one of our wines: Juliet, a prosecco rosé by Colli Vicentini from Italy’s Veneto region.

Chosen to pair with Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers of Verona, Juliet showcases aromas and flavours of red cherry, raspberry, passion fruit, and white flower. The medium-bodied and flavourful palate makes way for a crisp, clean finish.

Since its debut in June, the show has received widespread praise for its Toronto-based cast, writing, and score which featured renditions of hit pop songs from the likes of Britney Spears and Bon Jovi.

& Juliet ran until August 14 at the Princess of Wales theatre.

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