4 Wines To Try This Thanksgiving


Every Thanksgiving, there is always so much to be thankful for, especially the delicious flavours of our food and wine that meets the table. When choosing the best wines to pair this Thanksgiving, we have a few intriguing options that will be sure to “wow” your guest’s tastebuds.


Kicking off your appetizers with a refreshing aperitif not only gathers the family for a toast, but also pairs well with many dishes from cheeses to nuts; and bold enough to accompany dinner.

Recommendation: Romeo Prosecco

Pale straw yellow with a fine effervescence, this sparkling wine shows a rich scent of apple, lemon, and grapefruit, following up with an array of fresh cut flowers.


Starting the meal off with some butternut squash soup? Chardonnay gives you that creamy texture, making this pair exceptional with your savory soup.

Recommendation: Chardonnay Morgan Bay | Rutherford Ranch Wine Co.

The bright aromas of lemon, pear, apple, and vanilla are the perfect complement to the seasonal flavours.

Pinot Noir

The fan favourite for Thanksgiving is the prestigious pinot noir grape. Accentuating cranberry-like flavours, pinot noir pairs perfectly with simple spices, mashed potatoes, and both dark and white turkey.

Recommendation: Pinot Noir, Lander Jenkins

Aromas of wild raspberry, rose petal, and a touch of cloves. Lush flavours of cranberry, raspberry, and dark, wild berries.


Have any ham lovers? The Valpolicella grape mimics cherry and chocolate, adding a savory flavour to your meal. The moderate acidity level acts as a palate cleanser, which is ideal to complement meats and gravies with their rich and delicious flavours!

Recommendation: Farina Amarone della Valpolicella Classico $36.95